Bill Hughes has always admired classic cars. Now that Hughes is receiving hospice care, he didn’t think he’d be able to attend another car show. That’s when Heart & Soul Hospice of Farmington stepped in.

Rick Hayes, Heart & Soul Hospice’s social worker, shares a love of classic cars. The idea for a classic car parade quickly took off. Hayes made contact with fellow local car enthusiasts and planned a drive-by classic car parade at Hughes’ home.

“It was a great pleasure that greeted me on our front porch,” said Hughes in a letter to the hospice team. “I had no idea what I would see when directed out. A huge crowd of people, food, cameras and 10 of the most beautifully restored antique cars I have ever seen. I had made my interest known previously, but had no idea this was going on. What a parade!”

The event was the latest in Heart & Soul Hospice’s ongoing “One More Time” program which brings moments of joy and meaning to those nearing the end of life.  Each One More Time event is unique and personal and can range from something larger than life to as simple as just bringing loved ones together one last time.

Lois Hughes shared her thanks with the team, “A heart-felt thanks to all of you for putting on such a special day for my husband. He had a smile on his face that I hadn’t seen for some time. We really enjoyed that.”

Parade participants cruised through the couple’s subdivision, putting on a show not just for Hughes but the entire neighborhood. Hughes was able to watch the parade from his front porch with his family.

“This event was exciting as word had traveled through the neighborhood and many of Mr. Hughes’ neighbors came outside to watch the cruise,” Hayes said. “It also was a special day for Mr. Hughes as his daughter and son-in-law came into town to share the experience.”

Heart & Soul Hospice is a not-for-profit, Medicare-certified hospice agency serving Iron, Madison, St. Francois, St. Genevieve and Washington counties. For more information, contact Susan Sutton at 573-756-7066 or

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