Heart & Soul Hospice is pleased to offer several different in-services for medical professionals and famlies. This is an effort to better educate and prepare our communities about end of life issues that affect a person with a terminal illness.

Topics Include:

  1. Hospice: an overview of hospice; qualifications for service, covered services, patient rights & responsibilities, privacy practice, caregiver, medications and equipment covered, etc.
  2. Grief & Loss: information on effective coping mechanisms to deal with death or discharge of patients. It can be tailored to staff or families.
  3. Caregiver Stress: this in-service addresses the stress of providing care to chronically/terminally ill patients, signs of caregiver fatigue, and burnout, prevention, resources for providers and patient’s caregivers.
  4. Communication with Patients and Families: communication after a loved one has been given a terminal diagnosis, dealing with the hard questions and emotions that follow.
  5. Hospice & Nursing Facilities Working Together: overview of hospice services and how hospice and nursing home communities work together to provide care for patients; forms and record keeping.
  6. Advance Directives/Living Will: information regarding do not resuscitate orders, end of life requests and care, and power of attorney if a terminally ill person is unable to communicate their own wishes.
  7. Fall Prevention: This in-service addresses those who are at risk for falls and ways to reduce/prevent falls.
  8. Preventing Pressure Ulcers: This in-service addresses identifying and staging pressure ulcers, risk factors and prevention of pressure ulcers.
  9. Pain Management with the Hospice Patient: This in-service covers the following: What is Pain? Pain Assessment & Pain Management, Causes & Treatments, Side Effects and Symptom Management.
  10. Hospice Care and the Alzheimer’s Patient: information regarding types of dementias, progression, and treatment for hospice patients.
  11. Team Building: Understand the importance of team building in the workplace; ways to build coworker relationships; team building activity (mine field)
  12. Dementia: This in-service addresses the different types of dementias; the progression and treatment.
  13. Veteran’s Issues at End of Life: improve our knowledge and understanding of Veteran’s needs; how to best meet Veteran’s needs; 4 unique issues Veteran’s face at end of life